Chimney sweep is fantastic! I've been going since it first started and I've loved it ever since; if your thinking of coming then I say COME! The people are great to. Love you Leanne, Mark, Becky, Clodagh and Rachel thanks for making the best theatre school ever xoxo!

I first started Chimney Sweep in 2013 at the Shrek Holiday Week and loved it so much I decided to join the Saturday Theatre School as well as take part in several Show Weeks over the years. Now that I am older I volunteer when I can and help with the technical side of things. Just can't get enough!

I've been going since Christmas time when I went to Strictly Come Dancing week... I really enjoyed it so came back for more! Now, nearly a year on, I'm still going every Saturday and have plans to be a helper at CS when I get too old to go anymore! I couldn't ask for better leaders. They are professionals who know how to teach us in a way we can have fun and learn lots at the same time! We get opportunities to audition, brilliant lessons and we have loads of fun! I know I can trust the team with anything they teach us honestly I can't put it into words how much it means to me to have these excellent people teaching me and helping me to improve and develop my 3 favorite hobbies: Dancing, Singing and Acting! If anybody is in any doubt whether they should go, just come along and trust me, you will love it! I love you guys and I just want to put it out there how amazing Chimney Sweep Theatre Company is!!!

Just had another terrific week in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Loved all the singing and fun with all my new and old friends. Pity I couldn't make it to Bugsy and Shrek. Chimney Sweep is just great and I'll be back for another week soon. Love you all